Oregon will have the honor of being the first state, in the lower 48, to see totality as the Moon enters the Pacific shores near the
town of Depoe Bay. The Moon's shadow will cross the state of Oregon in approximately ten minutes beginning at 10:16 am
PDT, and then it will cross the state line into Idaho at 10:26 am. Salem Oregon is the only large city in the state to see totality.
Even though Eugene and Portland are nearby, these two cities will see only a partial eclipse of the Sun. Even with the Moon
The state of  Washington will see a partial eclipse of the Sun on August 21, 2017. The southwestern portion of the state will
have the most coverage with Vancouver coming in at 99%. The least will be in the northeast with Colville at 87.5%.
Partial eclipse will be begin at 9:08 am pacific time along the west coast. The partial phase will end at 11:48 am on the
Because this is strictly a partial eclipse of the Sun, all efforts need to be considered in protecting your eyes at all times with
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April 19, 2017